Thursday, November 5, 2020

Quarantine makes it harder to do some things...easier to do others

I'm not at all prepared to give a full account of all the ways Covid-19 has both ruined and enriched my life, but it's enough to know that both of those things happened at once. I suppose it's a typical story, some sort of rising from the ashes, if the ashes were Jameson and the Phoenix were some lady wearing the same dress every single day. Oh but it's so comfy and cute! 

Quarantine is something I'm taking very seriously, as my hermit nature lends itself to the lifestyle anyway. Of course, hedonistic hypocrite that I am, I decided that going to Tahiti was safer than seeing any of my family or friends or going out my house in town. Everything was so gorgeous there. I couldn't stop taking selfies of my happy self with the views and the sunsets. 

Don't worry--I was diligent about wearing my hot Cuomo-mask when we were around people. 
I even found a waterfall! Not quite like the Amalfi Coast, but what is???

I can't go to Italy, or Germany, and it makes my privileged heart very sad. I spend hours watching the Positano Skylinewebcam, or NickiPositano's vlog  or just any lengthy 4K drone or walking tour of Italy. 

But what CAN I do?? What is great about Quarantine? 
  • I don't have to get ready to go to work in the morning. I can work in my bed and my pjs. I don't care if it's cold outside
  • I can indulge my inherent desire for a non-cyclical sleep schedule
  • I no longer feel guilty every day that I don't go outside. That's just how it is. OH how I regret the hours I spent tormented by the thought that I "should go out" instead of enjoying my staying in
  • I was able to let go of ALL of my social responsibilities. What a load off my shoulders! 
  • I've watched SO MUCH comedy on YouTube. I'm basically an expert comedy watcher
  • Cheese lots of cheese piles
  • Spending huge amounts of quality time with my quarantine partner (who I'm very lucky to have)
So now what? Well, Jamaica is taking Americans!

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  1. Tahiti looks so pretty! I’m glad you were able to find some good things about quarantine despite all the bad thats come out of covid. Can’t wait to see the next update about Jamaica!!